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Savoring Sustainability


1893's dedication to a greener world

Welcome to 1893, where fine dining unites with sustainability. Our passion is to serve exquisite, affordable dishes crafted from locally sourced, humble ingredients. Our commitment is to tread lightly on our planet, innovating in sustainability with every dish.

Sustainability is a journey, and we’re not traveling alone. We invite our community to join us, because at 1893, dining is more than just a meal. It's participation in a shared vision for a brighter, sustainable future. Together, we can savour the promise of tomorrow.

Welcome to a new experience in sustainable dining. Welcome to 1893.

Our Sustainable Dining Practices


Crafting a greener culinary experience, one dish at a time

At 1893, fine dining merges with sustainability. We believe delicious cuisine shouldn't harm the environment. By sourcing local, seasonal, and affordable ingredients, we create exquisite dishes that celebrate our region's natural bounty. Led by Chef Michel De Matteis, our team crafts bistronomic creations that tantalize the senses while respecting the planet.

With each dish, we strike a delicate balance between gastronomic pleasure and environmental stewardship. We constantly seek innovative ways to reduce our footprint and positively impact our community and beyond. Join us on this journey to ignite change and create a more sustainable future.

Dining at 1893 means more than a meal—it means embracing a vision for a better world. Let's make a difference together and savor a brighter future.

Our Commitments

Culinary Excellence with an Eco-Conscious Heart
  • Handpicking sustainability: we work with local producers and seasonal supplies

  • Energizing efficiency: we optimize our energy use thanks to our new Minergie-P© certified campus

  • Boosting our backyard: we invest in the local economy by supporting local farmers

  • Serving wellness: we enhance health through our balanced, seasonal and colored menu

  • Talking green: we commit with an eco-communication strategy in and out EHL

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: every day, we strive to reduce food waste by using ingredients in their entirety and recycling our waste

  • Fostering sustainability: our permaculture-inspired garden and organic orchard bloom with local species, promoting ecosystem balance and teaching the value of seasonality and local sourcing

Our actions toward sustainability

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